Integrative Medicine – What does it mean?

Integrative medicine describes a combi­nation of comple­mentary and conven­tional medicine.

I trained in conven­tional medicine but I use both my knowledge of school medicine and natur­o­pathic methods in my treat­ments. Healing methods such as Chinese medicine, Japanese acupuncture or supporting mitochondria — the power plants of ours cells — do not stand in opposition to school medicine but complement it.


Chinese medicine

Japanese acupuncture

Western healing methods

Mitochon­drial medicine

Possible indica­tions for an integrative medicine approach:

You do not feel well and tradi­tional school medicine has not offered you the relief you were looking for. You are seeking supple­mentary treatment in addition to the therapy you have been receiving — or you just want to do something good for your body.

Frequently only the symptoms of the illness are treated and the possible causes ignored.

My holistic approach offers soothing, and supportive ways of treating illness and improving health.

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