Anton Urlacher,

I studied human medicine at the Charité and have been conti­nuously training since 2006. You can find details about this further down on this page.

My main interest even during my studies was “holistic medicine”, which, as integrative medicine, takes into account suitable thera­peutic approaches: both from conven­tional medicine and from comple­mentary medicine.

I use the treatment methods from comple­mentary medicine that you can find below under my additional training, and have completed training and further education in Germany and abroad. I spent several months in China, Japan and the USA, among other places, and specia­lised in the following treatment methods:

Chinese Medicine:

  • Acupuncture
  • Moxibustion
  • Chinese drug therapy
  • Chinese dietetics
  • Tuina
  • Cupping therapy

Other comple­mentary medicine approaches:

  • Japanese acupuncture
  • Micro­system acupuncture: cranial acupuncture according to Yamamoto (YNSA), ear acupuncture
  • Western natur­opathic medicine
  • Mitochon­drial medicine

University studies:

Medicine at the Charité in Berlin

2004/2005 Practical Year (PJ) Surgery, Spital Limmattal Schlieren, Zurich
Internal medicine, Spital Saanen
Paediatric medicine, Werner Forssmann Hospital, Eberswalde
2003 Part One of the Exami­nation in Medicine
2004 Part Two of the Exami­nation in Medicine
2006 Part Three of the Exami­nation in Medicine

Licence to Practise Medicine 6 June 2006

Specialist in General Medicine 22 May 2012

Profes­sional experience:

2007 Nordsee Specialist Clinic Sonneneck, Wyk, Föhr
(Oncology rehabi­li­tation and outpa­tients department)
2008 Park-Klinik,Bad Dürkheim (Geria­trics)
2008–2009 Ortho­clinic Hamburg (Ortho­paedics)
2010 General Medical Practice  N. Rosefid-Vojoud, Berlin
2011 General Medical Practice Dr. Kreischer, Berlin
2011–2012 General Medical Practice Prof. Dr. Braun
2012–2014 Deputy doctor
2015–2018 Cardiology practice MVZ Berlin
2018 Repre­senting Family Doctor Practice Dr. Bikadorov, Berlin
2018–2021 MVZ Adiuvare Berlin GmbH

Supple­mentary training

2002–2005 Basic training in acupuncture (Certi­ficate for 1270 hrs)
Shou Zhong School Berlin – AGTCM
(Association for Classical Acupuncture and Tradi­tional Chinese Medicine)
2006 Certi­ficate in Ear Acupuncture (Shou Zhong School Berlin)
Certi­ficate in Ultra­sounds Abdomen and Thyroid
2008–2009 Further training in Chinese pharmaceu­tical therapy
(SMS — Societas Medicinae Sinensis Munich)
2009 Special pain therapy Part I and II
2010 Psycho­so­matic basic care
2013 Ärzte­kammer Berlin:

Supple­mentary title in Natural Medicine
Supple­mentary title in Acupuncture
Supple­mentary title in Addiction Medicine

2013–2014 Further training in western phyto­therapy in relation to Chinese medicine (Shou Zhong)
2015–2016 Further training in Japanese acupuncture (Toyohari) in Amsterdam
2017–2018 Further training in mitochon­drial medicine, detox therapy
(SSAAMP  — Swiss Society for Anti Aging Medicine and Prevention)
2021–2022 Training Jingfang (appli­cation of the classical recipes of Chinese medicine)

Several months’ obser­vation and work shadowing in acupuncture and Chinese herbal therapy in Portland, USA (National College of Natural Medicine) — 2006, Chengdu, China (Chengdu University of Tradi­tional Chinese Medicine) — 2009,  Miyazaki, Japan in 2013 in order to learn Yamamoto New Scalp Acupuncture, and most recently in Osaka, Japan a 5‑day seminar in 2018 with Kiiko Matsumoto.

Regular annual further training in the field of General Medicine

Further training seminars in manual therapy:

  • Shiatsu (ISSÖ (Inter­na­tional Shiatsu School in Austria) Level 1–3)
  • Tuina (SMS)
  • foot reflexology (Hong Kong)

Further training in neural therapy and Comple­mentary Biolo­gical Cancer Therapy (DGFAN — German Association for Acupuncture and Neural Therapy), Plasma-immunotherapy