Treatment methods

Philosophy of Chinese medicine

Chinese medicine helps us to look at our illness from a completely new perspective because the philosophy is different. All the phenomena in the world are considered from the point of view of unity.

Chinese medicine – the unity of Yin and Yang:


Japanese acupuncture

More than 1000 years ago, acupuncture was introduced into Japan by Buddhist monks and Japanese culture has left its own mark on acupuncture. The diagnosis is made by taking fine readings of the pulse and by palpating and feeling the abdomen (Hara diagnosis).

Comparison between Chinese and Japanese acupuncture


Western healing methods

The classic Western natural healing methods include phytotherapy (use of medicinal plants as medicines), hydrotherapy and balneotherapy (water treatments, Kneipp), movement therapy, dietetics (nutritional therapy), aromatherapy and order therapy.

Western natural healing procedures – traditional, tried and tested


Mitochondrial medicine

Mitochondria play a crucial role in the human body. The small cell organelles are often referred to as the power plants of our cells and can be found in each of our body’s cells.

Mitochondria – Power Plants of our Cells – Dysfunction and Treatment